What is The Love Mash?

The Love Mash is a service which turns your phone video files into a cool movie. We don’t use any automatic video compilation software to make your movie. Our highly experienced editors will produce a high-quality video especially for you.

What type of video can I order?

A love story, a newborn, travelling or vacation highlights, a family get-together, a video of a wedding or one for a surprise gift — it can be anything, really!

How much does it cost to make a movie?

Pricing starts at $80 for 30 minutes of raw footage. The price will depend on the amount of files you're uploading for editing.

Can you shoot a video for me?

You film, we edit! This is our slogan and what our service is all about. So, no, we don't shoot videos, but we are great at editing videos shot by somebody else.

I would like to order a video editing project. How should I proceed?

Fill out this form and leave a short description of what type of video you'd like to make. Our manager will contact you shortly with an offer and a link to a page to where you can upload your videos.

How long will the movie will be?

That wil depend on the footage you send to us. 30 minutes of footage will make a video from 1-4 minutes long.